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Hi, my name is Grace and I am a stay at home mom. I hope your are sitting down, because what I am about to tell you is shocking, I am the mother of twelve children. Yes, they all belong to my husband & I, and I played a pretty important part in their arrival on this planet. Now that we have all those top of mind questions answered, I will tell you  more.

Once I laid eyes on our oldest daughter, I knew I would not return to work outside the home. I wanted to be the person who took care of her, to hear her first word, see her take her first step and all the other miracles that take place on a daily basis when you have a child.

I was blessed and my husband had a stable job that made staying at home possible.  I have loved all the time I have had with each of my children, well okay, most of the time I have had with my children. For years we survived on one income. It required lots of sacrifice,  planning, and extra work, but the benefits were  so worth it. To make a long story short,( lets face it with twelve kids it is a LONG story), as the kids grew, the budget just could not be stretched any  farther.

Work From Home

The only solution we could think of was to find some way to earn money from home.  Oh boy, what a trip and another very long story. We were very naive and bought into several scams, including multilevel marketing, what a nightmare. Let me tell you, I made every mistake on the planet in the quest for the “impossible dream work at home job”. I discovered if there was an ad in the back of a magazine, an invite to a hotel ballroom to tell you about the latest, greatest money making opportunity, or anyone who wants you to believe that you can make money without putting in time and effort, RUN fast and far.  You are very close to being separated from your money.

It became evident to me that no one else was going to do this for me.  I needed to use what I knew and create my own opportunity.  I had been a baker for a long time.  I had raised thousands of dollars doing fund raising for churches, and many people had suggested for a long time that I open my own business, and so that is what I decided to do.  Here we are ten years later, and I have been working at home, running my catering business from our licensed commercial kitchen, that we added to our home.

Work at home mom

I am older now and my kids are progressing nicely through school, some are already starting their own families.  My passion is still my family, but now that I have more time,there is room in my life to try and help others find a way to stay at home with their children and survive financially.

I hope that as we help one another, we can have fun along the way. As a matter of fact, I am sure we can have a lot of laughs even if we just share our kid stories. I want this to be a place for all of to find encouragement, brainstorming, and support. Thanks for being here. Please leave comments and we can have great conversations.

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