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I have had a lot of conversations with people about my in-home, licensed commercial kitchen.  They are people who would like to make money baking, but have thought it would not be possible unless they made a huge investment in a storefront bakery or restaurant.

I am here to tell you, (because I actually spent the money for a storefront coffee shop/catering company), that if you are just wanting to generate a nice income without a HUGE investment, this little ebook will tell you how we did exactly that.

Do you love to bake and have a favorite family recipe that everybody loves? Have you dreamed of taking that to market and actually making money with it? If you want to work from home and still make using your baking skills, here are just a few ways you could do that:

  1. Make Wedding Cakes
  2. Make Birthday Cakes
  3. Bake Cookies
  4. Make Cookie baskets
  5. Make and Decorate Cut-Out Cookies
  6. Bake Muffins & Scones
  7. Bake Quick Breads & Biscuits
  8. Make Homemade Bread
  9. Make Homemade Pies
  10. Make Boxed Lunches
  11. Bake for Restaurants
  12. Bake for Coffee Shops
  13. Bake Specialty Items
  14. So Much More

Adding a commercial kitchen to your home might be something you have dreamed about but never really believed could be possible. I can sure identify with that.I just couldn’t let go of the idea that having my own licensed commercial in my home would provide both the business and lifestyle I wanted. I decided to write this ebook in hopes that it will inspire others to look into the possibility of adding a commercial kitchen to your home so you can make money baking, while enjoying working from home..

Here are some of the things you will learn from this book:

  • Where to find out the licensing requirements for commercial kitchens
  • What questions to ask the health department
  • How to get information about starting a business
  • Where to find equipment
  • What type of equipment you might need
  • What electrical requirements you need
  • The plumbing equipment you might be required to have

I am not going to tell you that it was an easy road, quite the contrary. There were roadblocks all along the way. But you know, when you just are determined no matter what, it is amazing what can happen. Our first conversation with the health department could have killed my dream. They simply said “NO” when I asked if it was possible to put a licensed commercial kitchen in my home.

To be sure, that answer took the wind out of my sails, but the dream kept inspiring me to keep fighting. My husband deserves so much credit. He just was not going to be easily discouraged. He kept patiently asking questions, all the while taking note of what we needed to do.

A long story made short, we have had a licensed commercial kitchen in our home for over ten years. Now we are sharing our story for those who would like to work from home and make money baking.

This is the whole story, how we worked with the health department to add a licensed commercial kitchen to our home so I could legally make money baking from home. I invite you to watch this short video for a tour of my kitchen.

There you have it, our little kitchen that is licensed and let me bake from home legally for ten years. Once you make the initial investment, you can eliminate the expense of a commercial lease, and I do mean expense! I can honestly tell you that I wish I had someone had told me these things before we started our quest of adding the commercial kitchen to our home.

This ebook has never been offered before. You can get your copy at the introductory price of just $11.99. After fifty copies are sold, the cost will increase. It is well worth the investment , but if you don’t agree, I’ll refund your money within fifteen days of purchase.

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