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Do you desperately want to stay at home with your kids, but repeatedly have too much month left at the end of your money? Do you have a heart for helping others, but struggle to find the time in your schedule to do that? If you answered yes, you are like many stay at home moms.

Now you can own your own business that is focused on helping not-for-profit groups raise money. Yes, I did say your OWN business, you call the shots, you keep your share of the money, and you help others.

Let me introduce myself. I am Grace Becker, “The Dough Raising Mom.” I am a stay at home mom. My husband Bill and I have twelve kids. They range in age for 13-34.

We chose to live on one income so I could stay home and raise our children. I became extremely good at stretching the budget, but let’s face it, a dollar only stretches so far before it snaps!

You know,shortage of money causes stress, and quite simply, can take some of the fun out of life. I became creative with generating funds, and I would like to tell you how I did it.

For years I had baked almost all our breads, breakfast rolls etc. from scratch. I had quite a reputation among family and friends for that skill.

I began to realize it’s real value when we got a letter from our church asking for a pledge of a significant sum of money to fund a building addition to the school. Quite simply, we didn’t have that much cash to just write the check.

After praying for a solution, we decided to use our time, talent, and treasure. We proposed making and selling cinnamon rolls after church services, and donating all the proceeds.

The building committee was skeptical at first, but allowed us to give it a try. To make a long story short, our five year pledge was paid in one year.

That was the beginning of many, many fund raisers for church groups raising tens of thousands of dollars.

I have made & and sold more cinnamon rolls than I can possibly count.

Yep, you would be surprised how many cinnamon rolls you can make in twenty five years. During that time I also started my own corporate catering company.

I ran that business for ten years, but making breakfast and lunch for business meetings fell short of a career that I felt made a difference in the world.

I began to work on a business that would fill that bill. Out of my desire for helping others, I have started my new business, The Dough Raising Mom. My intention is to help moms make the choice to stay home with their kids, not get scammed, be able to make money for their family, and help others.

I know there are many dedicated stay-at-home moms who are experiencing the same things I have. You know that the most important thing you can do is be at home with your children. I also know how difficult it is to deal with the financial stresses that life throws your way.

You dream of the day when you can really (without guilt or credit) go on a family vacation. When you can “just fix it”, whatever it is, without lying awake at night or having those dreaded money talks with your spouse.

So often in day to day living, the crucial difference is only $500 or $1000 a month. How different would your life be with if you could cushion your budget?

Many of us have tried the various home party plans, telemarketing, multi-level marketing and more. Most of us ended up with inventory we did not sell, and friends who avoid us because they don’t want to hear a sales pitch. You’re are right, sadly I am speaking from experience.

I believe we all have a desire to have meaning in our lives that goes beyond what we’re able to do for ourselves and our families. We want to show our children good example and provide opportunities for them to experience caring and generosity for others.

What I have to offer you can address all of these concerns

How it Works

We have written a manual that walks you through setting up your business, making the rolls and where you can find customers. You can read more about the three main pieces to Our Dough Raising Mom Online Program:

  1. SETTING UP YOUR BUSINESS, so you’re legitimate and effective. It includes finding the place where you can do your baking.
  2. MAKING AND BAKING CINNAMON ROLLS. Lots of them!! So well that you can make them in your sleep! (Well, not really, but so well you can do them very quickly and in sufficient numbers to make you and your customers lots of money-right away.
  3. FINDING YOUR CUSTOMERS AND MAKING SALES We will teach you the fine art of sales and helping your customers host successful sales as well!

Let me break that down for you:


I outlined what I have learned through the years about running a business.

  • Registering your business, where to fill out the paper work online and offline.
  • The importance of setting up your books, the importance of good bookkeeping practices.
  • The type of insurance you will need to protect yourself.


You don’t know how to bake? No worries. That is where I can help you the most. I am an expert! In the second part of the program, I will provide all the things you’ll “knead” to know to be a raving success, including:

  • Learning my secret family recipe. You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a key part of the training program.
  • A video showing you hands-in-the-dough instruction
  • Instruction on the right ingredients and where to buy them
  • The right techniques for working with yeast
  • Judging when the rolls are perfectly baked
  • Making a simple, delectable frosting
  • Packaging rolls for easy, safe transportation

We know how terribly frightening and intimidating selling can be for us average folks. to remedy that fear, we’ve taken special care to put together a comprehensive package that includes tools for finding your customers and making sales.

  • We have professional marketing materials and templates ready to go so you can jump right into making your first sales.
  • We have pricing information ready so that you get a great return on your investment, and your customers make quick and easy proceeds for their fund raising project.
  • All the marketing materials you need.

What is included in the Dough Raising Mom Program?

  • video of me teaching you how to make the famous cinnamon rolls
  • The manual I wrote telling you how to get your business started
  • Marketing kit and templatess to assure your success from the start.
  • Two Hours Phone Consultation with The Dough Raising Mom.
  • Complete Instruction Manual.
  • A copy of my ebook “How to Add a Commercial Kitchen to your Home”.
  • Unlimited email support for three months


    Much of what we’re offering in the Basic Dough Raising Mom Program sounds like a classic franchise business-the secret family recipe, training from The Dough Raising Mom herself in the “home office”, the business set-up guidance, advice on locations of operation, suggested marketing material and instruction, manuals that you take with you and the ongoing support. BUT IT IS NOT!

    You leave with the critical elements for starting YOUR business! No monthly “fees”, no supplies or equipment purchase agreements; no restrictions on your place of operations; no censoring of your marketing program; no initial buy-in-cost-in the tens of thousands of dollars.

    What you pay – one time, up front – for this complete program is the sum total of your investment with us. You have freedom to run your own business.

The Dough Raising Mom program starts with stay-at home moms who want to make life better for their families without sacrificing their core values and priorities. It addresses basic concerns about money, self-esteem, and quality of life. All-in-all, a very solid and commendable start.

But it builds on that start, fully intending to have a much larger, much more far-reaching consequence. Let us close with this recounting of a recent cinnamon roll sales experience that had, literally, global impacts.

So, how far has flour, yeast, salt, sugar, cinnamon and some hard work gone? How many people has it touched, affected, raised up?

  • The Baker who has made money for her family, raised their quality of life and her self esteem, and made good things possible for worthy causes.
  • The students who did good works, blessed others with their selfless endeavors, and raised their own awareness of their larger local and international communities.
  • The church community who used their money to do corporal works of mercy, enhance their personal spiritual growth, and raise the quality of their family’s Sunday breakfast.
  • The young persons who are getting their literacy levels raised in literally life-changing ways (not to mention their volunteer teachers who raise their spirits in joy and satisfaction at helping those you people succeed).
  • The children who are getting quality daycare and their parents whose daycare worries are being raised from their shoulders (in addition to the providers who raise their own self-esteem and income by offering that service).
  • The families whose awareness of financial responsibility and knowledge of money management are being raised to help them get out of debt, save money, and give to others in turn.
  • the families across Central America and the Caribbean Basin whose standards of living are raised by gifts of food, sanitary water, income generating livestock, and shelter.

The power of cinnamon rolls: Each of us adds to the process and benefits from the results.

You might be thinking this sounds too good to be true. I probably would, so I would like to introduce you to two moms who recently went through our training program.


Are you sitting down, if not, grab a chair. Although the true retail value of this program is much higher, we know that finances for stay at home moms are sometimes an issue. For that reason, we decided to offer this entire package $199!!! Now when you figure that your first sale can easily be 50 nine roll pans at a typical price to your customer of only $5 per pan, you will be able to recoup every penny of your investment in just your first sale.

Total return of your investment in just two sales If you have no more than one sale a month, you will have all you money back from this winning program in NO MORE THAN TWO MONTHS!! What other stay-at-home opportunity have you ever seen that can give you that kind of payback in such a short amount of time?

We realize the for some folks, traveling to work directly with me might squeeze the budget too much, or be impossible for those with children to care for. For that reason, we are now offering an online version. That’s right, now you can learn how to do this from the comfort of your own home, no travel expense involved. And you can do this on your schedule. I have created a video showing you how to make the rolls step by step. The important key words here are “I created a video”. Please bear with this non techie mom, but it does the job. In addition to the video, I have written a manual that talks about the cottage laws with links to the different states websites that have them in place and also gives updates on the states that do not have them. I also know that for some folks (me included), selling is kind of scary. I included sales letters that you can send to youth minister, schools, coaches etc.

Because of the secret recipe, it is not fair to others who have purchased the program if I offer a refund, so please make sure that this is something that you are willing to work at. It does work if you follow the program, but please understand you do have to practice making the rolls, and be willing to do the marketing and sales end as far as talking to group decision makers in charge of the fundraising.
The good news is that even if you don’t want to do the business selling them to groups, in many states Cottage Food Laws have opened up great opportunities.

With this program, we do our very best to anticipate your worst fears… and relieve them. So that your entrance into the world of a Work-at-Home Mom is smooth, seamless, and successful.



Grace Becker

The Dough Raising Mom

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