Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam?

Dirty Robber.

I would answer that question with a definitive “it depends”.  Huh, what in the world does that mean? I don’t mean to use double talk here, but that is an honest answer. I know that many people make money using affiliate marketing. I have and I know many others do as well. The problem is that affiliate marketing has been grouped in a larger internet marketing category, and there is lots of potential for scam artists within the larger group.

That is not to say that all affiliate marketers are squeaky clean, I am not gullible enough to belive that. There are tons of affiliate programs, and some of them don’t have the best reputation. Here are some simple rules to follow to avoid losing your money.

  • If payment is required to join, walk away.
  • Do your homework, check and see if there are complaints about the company, simple due dilligence.
  • I personally don’t want to get involved in a downline program, I know there are great reputable companies who operate on the downline system, that is just not my style, but it might be yours.
  • You should remember that your reputation is on the line if you are recommending a product or service. I don’t want to recommend an unknown product merely to collect a commission. I have decided to only recommend products I have worked with or used, or they come highly recommended from a person I respect.
  • My best recommendation is to use the highly recognized programs like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon, ShareaSale to name a few. Those alone will give your lots of choices and should be a great place to start.

I have been learning a lot from a group called Nams (Niche Affiliate Marketing System). I have found the people who teach those seminars to be really knowledgable  folks with a lot of integrity. Every year they have a 3-day seminar to teach people who want to learn how to do affiliate marketing right. I attended a viritual event in January, and the amount of information is pretty unbelievable. Right now you can check out some of that information for free. I have been learning a lot, and you can too. Simply click on the link for more information. The ad in the sidebar will also take your to a place to sign up for the free seminars. After you click the link or the ad,  you will be taken to the sales page. If you wait awhile and move your cursor a little, a box will pop up that offers you access to some of the training sessions that are currently being held.  You just need to use the code FREEDEEPDIVE.

  • Creative Commons License photo credit: ryanmotoNSB
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