A Webinar Establishes Your Expertise via Virtual Meeting Room

Online Instruction is the Way of the Future

Teaching online was a totally foreign concept to me as little as 3-4 years ago. I never thought I would be hosting webinars online. Let’s face it, I am a stay at home mom and a baker by profession. Those are not the usual credentials of the techy crowd. Things in my world are changing.

I made a good decision to join Mom Masterminds over a year ago. It has since changed to Solo Masterminds. In my coaching sessions with Kelly McCausey, she encouraged me to get movin and shake things up. She refers to that as “butt kicking” advice. I was intimidated by technology, and struggle to understand how it all works. Her advice sounded something like “no excuses, just get out there and  do it”. 

Me, offer a webinar? Are you serious?

She suggested offering to do some free group coaching calls to help germinate some ideas of how others might start a baking business like I did. I have admit that just the thought of actually using the technology was really scary. For those of you who might have been on the first call, I apologize for my technical difficulties. The thing is, once I actually figured out how to use it, the webinar software was  really cool.

I really don’t know what is going on here, if only my mom could see me now. In my last blog I added some audio via a cinch. (If you don’t want  to read more you can just listen at the bottom of the page by clicking on the Cinch arrow. ) I was patting myself on the back for learning how to use that tool. A while ago, I would have taken credit for adding something new, and left it at that. 

Are You Keeping Up with Technology?

It seems that nowadays, things change at lightening speed, and as soon as you learn one thing, there are several more new things that surpass it. That’s what I am talking about. Less than a week ago I learned about Cinch and thought it would be the latest greatest addition to my website and I could happily leave it at that for awhile. 

Well, I was in for a surprise. Yesterday I learned about MeetCheap a new conferencing system that has a ton of functionality. It offers more features than other much more expensive options, and it is pretty easy to use. I can’t believe I am saying that. I think there is an option for a small meeting room for 20 people for $20 per year. The next option is under ten dollars per month for 100 seats. I am going to give this a test run, and then I will give you a report on what I think of it. There is a thirty day trial period, so for the next month I will do more (drum roll please)…………………….

Web Conferencing

I am really excited to be able to have the ability to meet with my customers whenever I want to. I feel the same kind of freedom I felt when I added my commercial kitchen to our home. Whenever I wanted, I could just go downstairs and go to work baking. Now whenever I want, I can just fire up my computer and do a webinar, teach a class, or simply hang out with people.  Now if there is an evening that works better for any of you who would like me to teach a class or do a coaching call, just let me know via FB or email, and we can get it done. If you have a suggestion for a webinar, leave a comment. I am pretty new, so I will beg your patience in the beginning.  😛


photo credit: angeljasica


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