Cookie Sales are On the Rise – Grab Your Share of the Profits

Do You Love to Bake Cookies?

Cookie BouquetIf you answered yes to that, and have had dreams of being able to build a business centered around your favorite recipe, there is great news. Creative cookie sales are on the rise even in this tough economic market. They can be sold at a price point that allows people to justify the purchase as a splurge you deserve. Bakeries across the land are cashing in on the revenue stream offered by this most loved comfort food.

What about you, can you actually get in on the action. Can you get your piece of the pie, or cookie as the case may be. There is definitely competition out there, but there is enough room in the market for you to have your share.

If you have been reading my blog, you already know that there may be obstacles to getting started. State laws in some places are a huge stumbling block, but in other states, there are new laws that make it possible for you to start your business without a huge investment.You can read all about the changes happening in those laws. That is the first step. For those of you that live in states that are not considering changes in the laws, you might be interested in the ebook I wrote on how we added a licensed commercial kitchen to our home.

Creative Cookies are in Demand

Think about it, you can make cookies in all shapes, sizes and varieties. You can decorate them, dip them, put them on a stick and make a bouquet, make a cookie cake etc. You can make chocolate cookies, oatmeal, peanut butter, sugar, ginger and more. You can specialize in mini – giant size and everything in-between. You can put them in baskets or special boxes or tins.

Examples of specialty cookies include those that are figure-piped, have trademarked images, and are for special events, such as weddings, graduations, classroom activities and sporting events. They make great gifts and if you can establish your reputation, you could build your entire business around a specialty. An example would be to specialize in decorating 5″ sugar cookies with corporate logos.

If you would like the chance to talk about ways you could actually get started, I would like to invite you to sign up for my free mini webinars so we can brainstorm about ways you can make your dream of starting or growing your business come true. Could I ask one favor, would you please complete the survey about preferences of days that is in the sidebar? I would love to know what days work best for others.

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