It is the Little Things

You know, when you are first learning something it is hard. I doesn’t matter your age, because hopefully we are all in the lifelong learning mode. For me, all this computer stuff is a huge challenge. (I bet that is a big surprise to you if you have paid any attention to what I do here.)

I for one have decided that you should celebrate the little victories of life, and when you can do that, it helps improve your attitude tremendously. So, today I am celebrating that I was able to figure out how to add the and the Google Voice widgets to my website. Two minutes of work took me two days to figure out, but I DID IT! So, now you can make me feel great and feel free to call me and congratulate me, just kidding.

Well, actually when I think about it, not really kidding. You see, I have been working hard on getting everything ready to go so that I can announce the date of my first class. I am really getting close now. So, if you know of a stay at home mom who would like to earn some extra money, but knows her cherished career is being a stay at home mom, it is possible that this would be a good fit. I have thought a lot about moms who want to be stay at home moms, after all,thirty four years is a lot of time to think about that subject.  I ran my own corporate catering company for ten years, and while it was sort of a good fit, one thing I can tell you about working at home is that if you are working whether at home or somewhere else, at that time, your priority is your work. The catering took a lot of my weekday time.

One of the main things that I researched, was a work at home job for moms who just don’t want to be tied down to a schedule. In the creation of Dough Raising Mom, I decided to develop a business that would allow a mom to decide when she wants to work, schedule her own time, and still be able to generate the extra money she needs.

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