Safety Net

Today my son’s car broke down, and he could not get it working in time to get to work. Although the situation was hugely annoying for him, he was able to ask me for a ride, and his immediate problem of getting to work was solved. Just as I got back to work, (I am a mompreneur) I got a call from my daughter’s school, she was feeling crummy and wanted to come home. I was able to run right over and pick her up. Knowing that there is someone who is there to help when life happens is such a comfortable thought. I think that those of us who are stay at home moms have the privilege of providing that comfort to our families, friends, and those who need us. We are the family safety net, and no matter how old our children are, knowing that there is a safety net to catch them lends balance to their lives. Add a check mark to the list of reasons to be a stay at home mom and a solopreneur.

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