Do You REALLY Like to Bake?

Is it Done Yet?

Do your family and friends walk into your house and just gravitate to the kitchen? Does the aroma of your favorite recipe lure them toward the oven in eager anticipation of the moment you take your creation  out of the oven?

If you answered yes, than I would guess that you would answer the question about liking to bake with a resounding yes.  I am asking you that because baking for a business is really hard work. It requires long hours on your feet, very early hours, heavy lifting, you know what I mean.

When I had my catering company, I was often jumping out of bed at 2:00 in the morning to start baking the bread and breakfast items. During the busy holiday season, it was not unusual for me to get four hours or less of sleep a day.

The point I am making here, is that if you don’t have a great love of baking, you may soon grow to hate your business. If you love baking, but that scenario is not for you, perhaps you need to tweak your idea for a baking business to fit your desires. It goes along with determining if this particular bushiness is a good fit for you and the life you want to live.

When I started my home based catering company, I loved walking out into my kitchen. I still do, and I still enjoy baking as much now as when I started, probably more.

For the most part, I enjoyed the early hours. I got so much work done before most people even started their day. I totally enjoyed having my kids pop into the kitchen in the morning to see if I had made extra for them. (They were the self appointed product testers.)

I was energized by the fact that we could make breakfast for 75 people, and have it delivered in time for their 7:00 am meeting. It was fun to race the clock to get a big lunch delivered before 10:45am.

As we gained more experience, we constantly increased our capacity to get things done,  & work more efficiently. It was awesome to accept the challenges and figure out how to overcome them. We developed shortcuts to make the work go faster. Then we would  access if we wanted to incorporate those shortcuts into our system.

I could go on, but I will wrap this up by answering my own question. I REALLY do like to bake, and if you do too, I will l continue to try and help you figure out the best way for you to build your business around that love.

Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments. I will do my best to answer, and I hope that others will join the conversation as well.