Does the Thought of Blogging Scare You?

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You have to be committed……

That’s right, starting a blog is signing up for a commitment. You have to pay attention to it, add to it frequently, and interact with the people who read it. I know that is enough to scare some people, and I won’t lie to you, taking the time weekly to keep your blog up to date sometimes reminds me of the starter used for “friendship bread”. It does require effort.

So why do people start blogs? Well, there are lots of reasons. Some people start a blog simply to do an online personal journal that they want to share. In that case, adding to it only has to be whenever you feel like it.

When you are using a blog to build your business, frequency is key. You are going to use your business blog to build a reputation. To actually do that, you have to be committed to adding valuable content.

People are interested in what is in it for them, and content that will solve a problem they have or teach them something they want to learn, will keep them coming back for more. Look at it this way, why are you reading my blog.

I hope it is because you find some value here. I have a lot of experience in running my own business, and have more experience baking. In addition to that, I am a stay at home mom of twelve kids and have run a home based business for ten years.

My purpose here is to communicate some of that experience to moms who want to stay at home with their kids, but have a need to generate income too. I know that my fund raising business is a great fit for some moms, and will give them the extra income they are seeking.

For other moms, they love to bake, but want to strictly work online. From my experience, that will take longer to turn a profit, but can certainly be done, is being done every day. There are lots of opportunities out there.

You can choose to do a podcast, and talk about food, recipes, tools, kitchen design, appliances, etc. You can do a video and demonstrate how to do something. I have samples of video on my website. Judy and I have a great time when we make videos.

The cameras are inexpensive and easy to use. I use the Flip. It is super easy to use, you shoot the video, plug the built in plug to a USB port and you are all set. My only criticism with that camera is that for best results, you need an additional lapel mic for better sound quality.

Yes, all the above can be a blog. Really, there is no reason to be scared. Once you get into, it is fun. You can meet new people, and it will help you build your business, have fun doing it.

Creative Commons License photo credit: roland