Some Help for Your Recipe Blog


Here are a few ideas to jump start your blog

If you are anything like me, your head may be spinning with all the information I have been giving you. After all, you just want to sell your
signature recipe item
.  What does all this have to do with that?

I made the mistake of just jumping in without really knowing what exactly I wanted to do. In my mind, I just wanted everyone to order breakfast from my catering company. It seemed so simple, after all, so many people told me that I made the best cinnamon rolls in the world, and everything else I made was top notch as well.

With all that in my favor, people should just have been lining up to have the chance to buy my stuff. Let me tell you, it just did not happen that way. I had lots of friends who encouraged me, but they were not in the position to be my customers.

I had failed to get the word out to people who did not know me, and they were the ones who were in the position to become my customers if they had just known what I had to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have the “if you build it they will come” attitude.

I joined the Chamber of Commerce, Business groups, women’s groups, etc. I was out giving out samples, taking freebies to decision makers etc. I did all that and eventually, I built my business. It took several years before I had a pretty strong foundation of customers.

I know now, that I could have done less leg work, and been able to connect with far more people in much less time. If you set up your blog, and connect to the Social Media networks, you can spread the word so fast.

As people begin to know you (from your blog), they will begin to trust and recommend you to others they meet. It is just a great way to make connections. Word of mouth beats all other advertising ( at least the kind most of us can afford).

When I first started, I thought that if I just bought an expensive ad in the “Yellow Pages” that I would be set. Guess what, that was a lot of money down the drain. Not many of those admins use the yellow pages anymore, so don’t waste your money.

Connecting with those people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc would be much more effective and productive. You can make it really easy for your readers by simply putting the icons for those social media networks right on your blog.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. I also want to invite you to sign up for my email club to get more information on ideas on making money with food, and other things too.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Christine Cowen