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I kept investigating everything I could find about making money from home, yet I could not find anything at the time that worked for me, and I ran into a lot of scams. I finally decided to start my own business doing breakfast catering for corporate business meetings. It grew and took on a life of it’s own, and the end result was very different from the original plan.

I learned a lot during those years. But as I began the journey toward how I could help others, one thing stood out to me. Many people have a need to generate immediate cash. Lots of business ideas are very valid, but they fall short of being able to generate immediate cash flow. If you can become profitable the first year, that is great, but that is not very immediate. I noticed that many people have that need for the immediate cash whether it is to help them pay off debt, make a necessary purchase, or build an emergency fund.

For so many years I had been helping youth groups raise money, and then one day a group that I was not familiar with asked me to help them, and wanted to know what I would charge them to make cinnamon rolls for them. We decided they would purchase them at a wholesale price and sell the at retail. A win win for both of us. That weekend I worked really hard, but the payoff was very nice indeed.

Much later I began to wonder if this could be the answer for other stay at home moms. My daughter offered to conduct the market research and approached a few churches offering to help them raise money they needed and she got a great response. She was able to generate a tidy profit for both parties. Requests for repeat sales started coming in, and we had the proof we were looking for and Dough Raising Mom was created.

We are putting the finishing touches on our new business that will teach stay at home moms or dads how to start and run their own business. In late May we will meet with our trusted advisers and make sure we have covered all the bases, and hopefully will start taking applications for our first class in June. Please check back for the latest news or join our mailing list so you can take advantage of this program in the near future.