When You Climb the Corporate Ladder-Do You Go Up or Down?

Recently I have talked to several women who by societies standards are VERY successful. They have climbed the corporate ladder, achieved measurable success, & earn a lot of money.

As we were talking though, they have said that in hindsight, they wish that they had made different choices. One woman told me that as she reflected back on the “happiest” time in her life, it was not when she got a fantastic raise or promotion. Rather it was when she lived in a small home, had her children around her and she was cooking a nice dinner for her family.

I think that is a far cry from what most of us would expect. I think that in most people’s minds, a great career, money, respect in the world would equal happiness. Imagine having the ability to just spend money on whatever you would like. But it seems that the contrary is true for many women. If they had it to do all over again, many say that they would have chosen to be stay at home moms.

I have never climbed the corporate ladder personally, and as a stay at home mom have to admit that there were times when that choice seemed to provide a lot of perks. I am owning up to occasional thoughts that secretly envied those women who had “dream” jobs that provided money to do anything they wanted to do.

When I was having one of those days, one of my kids would walk into the room and do or say something that would snap me out of that mindset, and make me realize how good life as a stay at home mom was. I no longer have desires to get anywhere near the corporate ladder, as a matter of fact, as I talk to more and more people who are at the top, much of what I hear seems to sound somewhat like regret for lost opportunities for family time, and they will never get another chance.

As I have reflected on those recent conversations,given the sense of remorse I have heard from those women, I have a question. Is climbing the corporate ladder taking you up, or in the other direction. I’m pretty sure that is not one mapquest can provide the answer to.

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