Cottage Food Laws are Getting Even Better!


Hats off to the state of California. It sure is the state that I hope is paving the way for other states to follow. Cottage food laws have taken a giant step forward in Solano County,California with the addition of the “Class B” food permit. Many cottage food businesses would love to be able to sell wholesale to their local restaurants and stores, and now Solano County residents have that possibility.

According to the “Times- Herald” food operators are able to purchase two types of licenses. A “ClassA”permit enables them to bake non hazardous food in their own kitchen and sell directly to the consumer. A “ClassB” permit enables them to sell through indirect sales, wholesale and in stores for resale.

Cottage Food Laws are the Foundation of Solid Business.

California is serious about improving the lives of stay at home moms, baby boomers, & those who have dreamed of starting their own baking business, and people who have been searching for the perfect solution for a work at home business that is not a scam in disguise.

Until cottage food laws, baking at home for profit was not legal, and the talents and love of baking of so many people were squelched by the rules of the local health departments. I am not objecting to the health department protecting the food source  of the public, they are surely a valuable service to society. That said, there is room for the home bakers who are not making products that are hazardous.

Cottage food laws are just a sensible win-win solution. It makes it possible for people to purchase homemade food that is not stuffed full of preservatives that many want to avoid. The laws now make it possible for people to increase their income while giving the business of their dreams a try. The economy will be a beneficiary as well. The taxes generated from the extra income of the at home bakers will help fuel the communities bankroll.

Food License Application Process

You must purchase  the permit.  A Class A permit has a fee of $96, and the Class B permit costs $316. Next you have to have an inspection of your kitchen by the health department. The next step is to purchase a home base business license. Then you have to take and pass the California Health Department food safety and handling course. Wow, for very little money, you are in business. For those residents of Solano, I have to tell you that there are lots of people in other places who pray that their state and county will follow the lead of your county.

Believe it or not, it gets even better. The allowed income is presently capped at $35,000, and is scheduled to be increased to $50,000 in 2015.  Those numbers are making the cottage food laws a great option for so many people, it is truly a game changer in  the lives of so many. So I reiterate, hats off to California.

photo credit peggyhr


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