Marshmallow Fudge Recipe- Can You Use Chocolate Chips?

Fudge is on Everybody’s List

Okay, I am switching into high gear now, how can it be that  Christmas is around the corner. Next week at this time I will have all the kids back home. I am so excited about that.

In light of that, I decided to get going on this baking that is hanging over my head. Fudge is my husband’s choice of Christmas cookies, so I started with him.

I remembered that the recipe is on the Marshmallow Fluff  jar, so I thought I could save time and forget about the recipe box. I don’t exactly know how long it has been this way, but when I read the recipe on the jar, it called for  1 1/2 pkg (12 squares chopped) Baker’s Semi Sweet Chocolate. It stopped me in my tracks for a minute. I was sure I had always used chocolate chips.

So, I pulled out my trusted recipe box, and sure enough, in the good old days, that recipe called for chocolate chips. What were they thinking? I just can’t fathom why they tell you to use the semi sweet squares and chop them when you can simply use chocolate chips. Hmmm

Maybe they are just looking out for our best interests. At this time of year
lots of us have to taste our creations to make sure we did not forget something. It could be that the added step of chopping the chocolate would burn a few calories.

At any rate, if you are wondering, you can use a 12 oz bag of chocolate chips to substitute for the 12 squares of chocolate. I will take a walk and get my exercise that way, thanks anyway Kraft.

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