Quincy Michigan Has a Real Live Super Hero.

Cottage food laws have helped many families generate the income they need for their families. These businesses are often started by entrepreneurs who have a passion to own and run their own business. The laws that have made it possible to sell products baked at home have been a game changer.

But for one husband and wife team in Michigan, they coupled their love of baking with their passion to help other people. Meet Lisa and Jim Tubergan. They own a small cottage food business called “The Shed”. I have told you about many other cottage food bakers, but what is different about Lisa and Jim is the fact that helping others is the primary focus of their business.

The menu at the Shed

This menu board tells the story. When Lisa hears of a family or community need, she takes action. She posts it on their Facebook page to let the community know that they will take orders for their delicious baked goods that are in high demand. Then, they donate all the proceeds to pay for the need.

At first they paid for all the ingredients out of their own pockets. They worked seven days a week to meet the need. It has grown a lot as have the expenses. Now they pay for the ingredients out of what is raised. They don’t hand cash to others, instead they pay the bill. They have raised money to pay for funerals, medical bills and are there to help when disaster strikes. 

When they launch a new “relief effort” Lisa posts it on Facebook and the orders start flowing in. It is truly a community helping each other with Jim and Lisa leading by example.

I don’t know about you, but just hearing about this amazing couple humbles me and has me thinking about what we home bakers can do to make the world a sweeter place for everyone to live……

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