Why Should You Do Keyword Research?

Keyword Research Helps Raise Dough (Make Money)Keyword Research is Critical to Making Money with Your Website…

That said, what is keyword research and how do you do it? If you have built a website for your business, getting targeted traffic is critical. If no one ever finds your site, how will you ever generate money with it? I have  learned learned that  one of the first things you need to find out is what are the words people are typing in the search engines to find information or products they are interested in. Once you know the specific words or phrases, you can use them on your site and then the search engines can direct traffic to your site.

I made this short video for you, to help simplify the process of doing the research, and to demonstrate how important it can be to the success of your website. Keep in mind that everyone has different ideas of which words to use when trying to find information. Keyword research will show you the actual terms people are tying in the search box when wanting information and services. Please allow a couple of seconds for the video to show up. For some reason the audio starts first.

We have all heard the saying “choose your words wisely” but in the case of your blog and website, it takes on a whole new meaning. Before you write your content, go do the keyword research that will bring the targeted traffic to your site. Doing that purposefully will jumpstart your business and be a step in the right direction to success online. Check out my blog about other free tools you can use.

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