Is Green the New Color of Love?

Could green really mean love!

I am not trying to imply that money can buy love, but when you pair love with money, it can do wonders. I never realized before a few weeks ago that I had the power to use my talents to make a real impact on the lives of others that I don’t even know and will probably never meet. I took a few simple ingredients, put them together, spent time and labor, and with the help of my children and their friends, we were able to raise money to help others in ways that we will never realize.

It was a realization that stopped me in my tracks and made me re-evaluate how I will build this business. Sure, it will give my clients the ability to make some money to help their families, but the ability raise money for others is truly a bigger deal. The money that is raised to benefit others can have a ripple effect that we can only imagine.

I see the big picture now, and when we partner our love of family with the desire to help others, moms (and dads) of the world can take a giant step toward changing the lives of others as well as truly making a difference in the world. Moms (and Dads) working together with a common goal can really make a difference. All we have to do is our own one thing, but when added together, we have tremendous power to help others in an unstoppable way. It sounds like a lofty goal, I agree, but who else has more influence on their families than mothers. If we unite, we can lead the world to a better place by doing our one thing that we are uniquely gifted to do.

Put away your humbleness, it is time for action. Believe it or not, there are people in your own town that need your help, as well as people all over the globe just praying that someone somewhere will care. Moms, we all have that caring gene, but most of us just don’t know what we can do to help


I have prayed long and hard on this, and now I know that the answer is simple, and if you are reading this, you can be part of the movement to make positive changes in our world. You have that one talent, probably many talents, and you have some spare time, we all do. Turn off the tv, that will free up all the time needed to do your one thing. It really does not matter what gift you bring to the table, it is needed, and when paired with all the gifts of others, the power of love can be unleashed.

If you would like to know more about how our Dough Raising Mom program can help your family as well as the families across the globe, we would love you to join our website so we can keep you informed about when we will begin taking applications to be trained by us to help groups with their fund raising needs. A benefit to you is that you raise money for your family


be able to stay at home with your kids.
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I Am Admitting I Am Guilty


Judges sentence: Change your attitude.

I don’t know about you, but as a stay at home mom I had felt like a second class citizen. I watched as others accomplish what seemed to be incredible things. I on the other hand spent my day caring for my children, keeping house, doing laundry, preparing meals, chauffeuring kids from place to place. I was so busy with what could be considered as mundane tasks that did not require brain power, that when I found myself in a group of professionals, I felt very inadequate indeed. In my mind, and in honesty maybe theirs as well, I was inept, delegated to the lowly duty of motherhood, while others were about the important work of running the world.

I now know that I was the biggest part of the problem. I grossly underestimated the value of my role in my family and in the world. I I really stunk at accepting compliments, because the things that others admired I didn’t see the tremendous value in.

You see, if you think about the person that had the most impact on your life, most of us would have to admit it was our mothers. Moms have the most influence over the future generations, and yet we don’t think that counts for a lot. Wow, when you think about it, that means that the world leaders of tomorrow are being shaped by us, just as all the world leaders since the beginning of time were hugely influenced by their mothers. Thinking of your job in that light, motherhood is a HUGE deal, and no mother should think that she doesn’t measure up to her professional counterparts.

I am here to tell you that we don’t need to redefine our roles as mothers with fancy terms like domestic engineers, because as we quietly do our work, we are in the process of determining the future of the world. [Read more…]