What is Your Specialty-Define Your Niche

cheesecake con salsa de blueberries
The most logical place to start is with your favorite recipe.You need to establish yourself as the expert in one thing to start. You can surely expand your repertoire as you grow.It is better to be known for making the best pies, banana breads, cheesecakes, etc, you name your one thing.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s pretend that your favorite thing to make is pie. Every time you are taking food to a place where other people are going to have the chance to taste what you make, take pie, at least at first. That way you will begin to become known for your awesome pie!

Let it be known that you love to make pie, and that it is no imposition to make it for any occasion. If you are going to a meeting, take your pie. If there is a dinner at your church, you guessed it, take pie.

Soon everyone will know you for your pie, and you may even become the “pie lady”. Once that reputation begins to take hold, you probably will have others begin to ask you to make pie for them.

That is the beginning. Once you have made a pie for someone else, the word begins to spread. You are at the beginning of building a loyal following, and that is an important part of the foundation of a good business.

So, if you are a pie lady, or a cake lady, or a barbeque guy, your oven is waiting. Get busy and start building your reputation. This is what is called defining your niche. It is a critical foundational piece in building a solid business. It is what makes you the expert instead of a “Jack of all trades.”

We are talking about building the foundation, and the food is only one part of a successful business. So stay tuned for next time as I will tell you about more of this foundation building.

Creative Commons License photo credit: medea_material

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