Work from Home Baking for Money: Legally

I have written a lot about Cottage Food Laws but even today most people I talk to have no idea you can make money baking from home in 49 states. If you are desperate to add extra money to your budget, you might have everything you need to easily do that.

Not convinced, let’s take a look at what you need. You can start your baking business with very little investment. If you live in a house with a kitchen, and your kitchen has things like a stove, refrigerator, mixing bowls, mixer, measuring spoons etc., you have most of the equipment to get started. Of course you need a recipe and the ingredients your recipe calls for. I should add that it helps if you enjoy baking.

Get to know the law in your state

There are laws making it legal to sell your baked goods in all states except New Jersey. Later in the post I am including a chart for a first glance at the laws in each state. Basically in most states you need to apply for a permit. There may be a small fee attached to that permit. Some states require an inspection of your kitchen. If an inspection is needed, find out what the health department requirements in your state are. Basically they will be concerned with cleanliness, adequate refrigeration, and proper storage of foods.

Most states have rules about how and where you can sell your products. You can get a list of what foods are allowed. If it requires refrigeration it is not going to be allowed. For example, in Missouri you can legally sell the following foods under the law: breads, cookies, fruit pies, jams, jellies, preserves, fruit butters, honey, sorghum, cracked nuts, packaged spices and spice mixes, dry cookie, cake, bread, and soup mixes.

I didn’t forget, I promised you I would share a quick guide of Cottage Food Laws across the country. Here is a summary  that will help you know what you need to know to get started. Remember to check with your own state to find out the latest updates and specifics that will be enforced this year. Before you go though, think of how these laws can help you earn money right from your own home. No excuses, turn on the oven and  BAKE.  Cottage Food Law Guide



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