I Need to Contribute How Much Money?

Maxed Out
I guess you may be curious about a mom of twelve starting her own business. I did not start my baking career intending it to be a career. I just enjoyed the process, and others liked the product. It morphed into a career sort of out of necessity.

You see, our kids attended parochial school.It did not have a standard size gym, and there was a growing need for classroom space. One day we got a letter encouraging us to pledge a certain amount of money to the building fund. We agreed with the cause, but the problem was we did not have that amount of money to spare.

We believed in the time, talent, treasure theory, and decided to propose an unconventional way to generate our pledge money. I offered to host a cinnamon roll sale after each Sunday service one day a month, and donate all the proceeds to the pledge fund. That idea was met with let’s say a lukewarm reception and lots of doubt. However, the day of the first sale made believers out of everyone, including me. I began getting suggestions to start my own business, and I really thought all those people were slightly crazy.

The seed was planted though, and it took quite awhile to germinate. Check back soon, and I will continue this saga, as well as how I might be able to help stay at home moms, parents and earn some great part time income.

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