Can You and Yours Make a Difference?

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I for one hope that I can answer a resounding yes to that question. In honesty though, I am not consistent enough to make that claim. I have good intentions, I think most of us do. But, in today’s society, distractions abound, and it so easy to simply lose our way.

I was taking a class on building a website. The instructor was warning us about one of the pitfalls that many people make when designing their website. It was having too many choices.

You know, when you go to a buffet to eat, there are so many choices, you end up taking some of many things, and nothing is especially memorable. It becomes a blur, and you although you may have enjoyed the food, nothing stands out.

The same thing happens in real life. We all know that there is a great need in our world. Poverty is a very real thing right outside our own back door. As hard as it is to believe, we have neighbors who have no food, adequate clothing, or place to live.

We know that here and in other parts of the world, people  are homeless. Many have no access to health care, clean water, education and so many of the bare necessities of life. Those of us who are in better shape, have the desire to help, but have no clear direction on how to do that.

A family in Manila

Sure, there are more charitable organizations than we can count, but the choices of which one to help are like trying to choose your favorite food from the buffet. It all gets muddled together, and in the confusion, we simply don’t make a commitment to anything.

I think that if we could encourage our families, church groups, friends etc to focus on one thing, we could be more effective in our efforts to extend a helping hand. For instance, when I spoke to the director of Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City, she told me that something they are  in constant need of are toiletries.

The poor have limited access to those items, yet they are basic to health and dignity. What if your group would decide that your entire charitable focus would be to provide toiletries to a certain group.  That would be simple, yet enormously effective. If your group committed to keeping the shelves supplied with soap, shampoo, deodorant, for a certain charitable organization, staying focused would be easy.

Your friends group could choose to supply basic staples, peanut butter, tuna, beans. Again, simple and focused would win the race. It would not have to be any more complicated than that. Your girl/boy scout group could adopt collecting toilet paper. The altar society might knit hats, you get the picture.

What could make the impact even great would be to do what Daniel did. His group took seed money and held a fundraiser. They multiplied their money greatly. Then they were able to much more for the poor they were helping.

I know for a fact the we have made a lot of money with the cinnamon roll fund raisers, and you can get more information by clicking here or on the box at the very top of my website.

Of course, you can choose to do any fund raiser that fits your group, the main point is that it is worth it to make the commitment. Remember the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principal, and you are sure to have success in your mission to help others.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Webb Zahn

photo credit: Rain Rannu

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