Microenterprise Home Kitchens Differ From Cottage Law Home Kitchens

I think it might sound strange for me to say that cottage law kitchens are common knowledge. As a matter of fact, it is still unknown to many people. It is however, an idea that has caught on in a big way. The public is getting more comfortable with purchasing food from someone who has prepared non hazardous food in their own home.

In many states, one of the requirements of the cottage food law is that it has to be an in person transaction. You will actually meet the baker. If you are purchasing it from their home, you might actually be invited into their home. It made me think, in most restaurants you never see the people who are preparing your food.

Laws are changing

Homemade dinner delivered to your door

Home bakers have rallied and fought to get cottage food laws passed in their states. Today there is a new movement in some states. In California, microenterprise home kitchens are coming on board. They are different from the cottage food laws. They allow a much wider range of foods that they can prepare and sell.

Operators of microenterprise home kitchens are allowed to sell foods that require refrigeration or temperature controls to prevent bacteria from growing. Examples of items that could be on that list might be soups, casseroles or dishes that contain meat, poultry, dairy or fish.

Once the food is prepared it can be delivered, or available for pick up or consumed on site. There is a thirty meal limit per day or sixty meals a week.. In addition a maximum of $50,000 cap of gross sales .per year . Since the foods are considered potentially hazardous, there can be more oversight by the health department. A food handling & safety class is required. In some other dates the expansion of the cottage food laws is referred to as the food freedom act.

It sure looks like at some time in the future, you can have your neighbor fix dinner or cater a party, and deliver it to your front door.

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