Recipe For Favorite Dinner Rolls

Family Favorite Recipe for Dinner Rolls

I want to take a break here and share my favorite recipe for dinner rolls. I only make these a few times a year, so when we have them, the kids are crowded around waiting to grab one hot out of the oven.

These are a crowd pleaser, and I often had requests from friends to make a batch and freeze them. That is one of the reasons this is a recipe that gets a gold star in my book. You can make them ahead of time, form the dough and freeze them unbaked.

That way all the work is done and you just have to let them rise, bake and butter them, and you are an instant celebrity, you your house smells almost heavenly.

Well, I have given enough of an advertisement on this particular roll, I wish I had planned ahead enough and I would have taught Judy how to make these rolls and we could have made a video, I am sure that would have been entertaining. So, here is the recipe, I hope you enjoy.

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Have fun, your family will thank you. If you have questions feel free to contact me.

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