Use a Keyword Tool to Find a Niche

Cash in on the Right Niche Using Great Keywords

Feed Your Brain=Earn Income.

Research Helps Identify Great Niches

When you are trying to decide if a niche you are interested in has potential, researching keywords can provide a lot of insight about the level of interest there is in that topic. The Google Keyword tool is one of many that can tell you how many searches there have been made in the last month for particular search terms and phrases. It is tremendously helpful to spend the time to put together a list of keywords that you can use to optimize your blog and website. Once you have compiled a list of keywords, you can put those keywords into an excel or spreadsheet to refer to each time you write a post or create a new page for your site.

You can start by listing your interests, experience, passions and things you are willing to learn about. In the following video, I will walk you through the steps on how to use the Google Adsense tool to do keyword research to determine how many people are searching for information, products, & services about those topics. Please be patient, the video starts a little after the audio.

As you can see, there is a lot of information provided by researching keywords. Identifying the words that people type into the search engines and then using those words in the content you put on your website can put you ahead of your competition and make it possible for the search engines to find your website.When the search engines find your website, your traffic will increase dramatically. Now that you have an idea of how to begin researching the various niches you are interested in, spend some time exploring the possibilities and have fun.

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