Why Is It Called “Black Friday”? Black Friday Deals

Busy Day I have always wondered where the term “Black Friday” originated. It seems   like a sort  of morbid term for the beginning of the Christmas Season. Today, as I saw Black Friday posted everywhere, I decided to find out the answer to that question. So, I am going to share that info with you so you won’t have to go and research it.

There seems to be some debate, but for brevity purposes, basically in today’s world, it is the benchmark when most retailers can change their financial status from in the red to in the black. Yep, it is the day when the registers are filled with cash and they are rollin in the green.

Okay, I admit that maybe I should be out getting great deals on my Christmas gifts, but the fact is, that sounds like too much work.There you have it, the truth is out.

As a matter of fact, I am planning on cashing in on some great deals, but I am going to do that on Cyber Monday. Hey, it is cold outside, the cost of gas is up, and I can just turn on the Christmas toons, grab my cup of java, and cruise the net for all those great deals.

The best part is that I don’t have to lug all that stuff around, worry about my car getting broken into, fight crowds AND they deliver it to my door! Most places even throw in free delivery, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Well, I want to make reading this worth while for you. I came across a great deal for anyone who is wanting to add content to their website. I know that you probably won’t put this on your Christmas list, but you can do your business a favor and get a great deal on great content that can make your work easier during this busy Christmas Season.

Here is a link with great prices on valuable  business building tools. After all, it is Black Friday, and getting your business in the black would be an awesome way to end the year, and get a great start on 2011! Here is the link, check it out and see what you think. https://www.doughraisingmom.com/helpusell

So, here is to Black Friday and making your business more profitable in the season that helps so many businesses achieve that goal. The link I provided helps my business be more profitable as well, so if you would rather, you can go to DIYplr.com

photo creCreative Commons Licensedit: Justin Marty

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